It is often difficult, if not impossible, for individual investors to access the higher yields typically achieved by seasoned developers who are able to use their expertise to create real property value, from acquiring vacant land all the way to selling finished residential or commercial space. A Real Estate Limited Partnership (RELP) is one vehicle for investors with limited capital to invest directly along side an experienced developer. In this scenario, the developer will act as the General Partner and is granted all decision-making responsibilities for the investment and assumes all liability. The other partners in the group are Limited Partners whose financial obligation is only limited to their initial investment.

Our development projects are typically based on 2 to 3 year development cycles. The projects when developed and completed will have substantially higher values than when projects were first purchased; it is this appreciation that makes real estate development an attractive investment. The General Partner will then trigger a predefined liquidity event, such as a sale or refinance, at which point profits will be disbursed according to the specific Limited Partnership Agreement.

The Circadian Group offers our qualified individual investors the opportunity to join them in their focus to create value in the Metro Vancouver real estate market and enjoy the resulting returns. Metro Vancouver has consistently been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. Statistics Canada projects British Columbia will experience the highest net interprovincial migration as well as the highest net immigration over the next decade. The net positive increase in population, projected annually, is approximately 1.2%. Furthermore, based on geographical limitations as well as legislated restrictions (ALR), supply of developable property is limited. Based on demand and supply, Metro Vancouver has been and will remain a highly desirable development market.

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